I am a retired Nature Conservator, first with the Transvaal Department of Nature Conservation and since 1994, the Gauteng Department of Agriculture, Conservation and Environment, thus having 32 years experience in conservation.


NEMBA (National Environmental Management : Biodiversity Act 10/2004) and TOPS (Threatened Or Protected Species) Regulations state that all cycads indigenous to South Africa must be registered.  This implies that  possession permits obtained prior to February 2007 are no longer valid and

re-registration is therefore compulsory.


Permits are also required for the purchase, selling and transportation of indigenous cycads.


The service I now render is to assist the general public in this re-registration process.  It includes the identification, measuring and numbering of plants, as well as the submission of all documentation required to obtain the correct permits. 


Please feel free to contact me should you need any assistance.


P. Honeyborne